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About FRED

Life doesn’t always lead us down straight paths, but if we embrace the journey we may end up some place amazing - somewhere we would have never had imagined.  

High Alpine mountian ops, roadie, tour manager, entertainment and sports logistician - Fred's career has taken a non linear course. Perhaps unlike a more traditional photographer, Fred's experience has been gained from a life on the road and the oportunities that it brings. Whether over the back mountain of Whistler Canada or hanging out the side of a touring van... he has always had a camera slung over his shoulder and an eager eye for spotting something different.  Favours for friends have turned into commissioned assignments, payment in slabs and tickets to gigs have turned into fully financed campaigns... he now makes his living capturing moments with a camera but still living life to the fullest, though perhaps a little slower than he did in his twenties...

He has worked with everyone from celebrities, architects and doctors through to marketing and publishing groups. There is no formula to Fred's approach, he's led by life as much as his lense and manages to capture moments and images that uncover beauty, insight and a kind of truthfulness that hides there in people, places and things. 

He loves life and people, and photography is his way of moving in the world and helping people see things through images. 



Canon Digital Gold Cinema Member

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