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Motion Work

Fred has also ventured into the world of videography, showcasing his talent for capturing dynamic visual stories. With a keen eye for detail and a natural ability to evoke emotions through film, Fred has produced compelling video content for various clients, including promotional materials, events, and documentaries. His video work, much like his photography, is driven by a passion for sharing unique perspectives and celebrating the beauty in life's unexpected moments.

What Makes a Local? (cDoc Short)

"What Makes a Local?", a community-based project led by experienced producers Fred Farquhar and Lucy Armstrong. The project challenges traditional definitions of "local" and promotes inclusivity and diversity in the regional community of Castlemaine, Victoria. Through partnerships and collaborations, the project aims to foster a sense of belonging and pride in the community while providing economic, social, and cultural benefits. Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences of locals.

Whole Lotta Love - Boort Recap

Whole Loddon Love is a series of contemporary music gigs taking place in community halls + pubs along the Loddon River, areas severely affected by flooding in 2022, on beautiful Dja Dja Wurrung and Barapa Barapa country. Five locations in the Loddon Valley (across Loddon Shire & Mount Alexander Shire) will host live music events over the first two weekends of October 2023. Tickets free for locals & kids, and only $15 for others! Money raised will go to local community groups and flood recovery. 

Fred was invited to tag along for the Boort show to document the event. 

Operation Soul Surf - Rye's Story

Rye's Story is about a young Army veteran named Rye Shawcroft who suffered from degenerative lower limb injuries, leading to multiple surgeries, painkillers, and resigning to a wheelchair-bound life. Struggling with mental health issues, Rye eventually underwent a successful operation, which allowed him short stints of walking with a stick. Embracing challenges, Rye became the first person to compete in a wheelchair in Tough Mudder. In March 2022, he joined the OSS3 surfing program, overcoming his disability and anxiety to enjoy the sport. A Pride of Australia nominee, Rye is an inspiring figure who participates in the RSL Active program.

Operation Soul Surf. Blaire's Story

Blaire's story began with his participation in the OSS1 program in 2021, where he sought help for PTS and depression stemming from years of frontline policing and multiple traumatic incidents. The ocean and surfing had a profound impact on Blaire and his family, leading him to purchase a surfboard and surf 11 times in 6 weeks despite living 210 km away from the closest beach. This dedication to surfing greatly improved his mental and physical health, with Blaire regularly making a 400+ km round trip to surf. His inspiring story is captured in a video by FRED Farquhar and Scott McAulay, who are thanked for their support and production of the clip. Blaire is also commended for his candor and trust in the program.

TAB Corp - Next Gen (Internal Comms Example)

Internal Comms example. Filmed, Edited and Graphics by Fred Farquhar. Some additional footage supplied by TAB Corp.

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